Dane Holland & Steve Stierwalt (509)994-1629

DIESEL was formed during the pandemic when all the club's were closed. There was no live music anywhere. We got together and started playing outside on street corners and in store fronts to give people something positive and musical to help with the trauma of being in lockdown for so long. We started with a guitar and an old washtub that I turned into a bass guitar. People loved it so we kept doing it almost every day, even through winter. We changed and evolved into what we have today with rechargeable speakers, a loop station, and wireless. We play at homeless feeding stations, coffee shops, pot shop's, street corners, anywhere that we can help make a difference. We call it "working for the universe" and I hope we can make a positive difference for you. Call Steve at (509) 994-1629 for booking info.” - Dane Holland & Steve Stierwalt

— Diesel

At "Blessings Under the Bridge" homeless feeding station